Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Genisis chapters 27-38

So I've been keeping up on reading but not on writing. So let me try to catch up and see what get written.

In chapter 27 Jacob steals Esau's blessing. Isaac was firstborn and deserved firstrights to his dad's authority and his goods. Isaac was blind and very old and Esau wanted to get his dad's blessing. He went out and hunted game and was preparing it for Isaac to eat. While he was out Rebekah, Jacob's mother, made some food and dressed him up in Esau's clothes to trick him. It worked. It's funny how Jacob has been after Esau's inhertence. In chapter 25 Jacob gets Esau to give up his birthright over some food. Here he tricks his dad to giving him the blessing. Because of this Jacob had to flee. Though in fullfillment of his blessing while he was gone he gained much weath, wives and children. God still watched over him and used Jacob to build his kingdom.

Though there is much stories in these chapters which have great meaning and insight they aren't really calling out to me in writing form. A little understanding here and there. What's funny though is stories is what Jesus preached with. Often when talking to someone a story of the Bible comes forth and is perfect for the setting. Plus this is, as Christians, our history as well as the jews.

God bless