Sunday, November 29, 2009

Exodus Chapters 1-14

So I've been reading but having a null in writing. I have completed the beginning story of the Exodus. It is a great story, excuse me, great history.

Through reading these set of events there were small lessons here and there. Moses had a downfall of not fully trusting in the gifts of God. His speach wasn't clear and he was worried that noone would listen to him. So God had Aaron speak for Moses; like Moses is speaking for God. God would tell Moses what to do and Moses would bring it forth to everyone else. In the same way Moses told Aaron what to do and Aaron would do it. We can see a degration of the big picture, a blindness with each step down. There is no way the Moses could understand all that God was doing. Just like Aaron didn't know what all Moses was doing. Aaron didn't have as much revelation from God as waht Moses did. Later in Exodus we will find more strife through this set of events.

This movement, the Exodus, is a mass migration that is almost impossible to imagine. 600,000 men, plus you have women and children. You also have livestock and goods that are traveling all at once. Not only traveling but being drove out by the Egyptians. Then you have them crossing the Sea of Reeds on dry land. It is just amazing. The deliverance of the Hebrews of that time was astronamical.