Saturday, November 7, 2009

Genesis chapters 22-26

So I skipped yesterday and did twice the reading today. It's funny how that works sometimes. I planned on doing it late again for I awoke feeling exhausted and unable to focus and then by night plans had changed and I didn't have the time I thought I would.

This was a long segment so I'm going to just pick out a couple things that caught my eye. I have wrote on these verses a few times and I noticed some different things to point out. Abraham was tested with his son Isaac, to slay his son that was supposed to be his bloodline. God tested him and gave him a replacement sacrifice. Sarah died and Abraham was in search of a place to bury her. He went to the Hittites to buy a burial site. They insisted on giving him one. That changed to them wanting to give land that held a burial site. Abraham refused to take it for free and insisted on buying it, not discounted but full price. I wonder why he insisted on buying it still. Free is free right?

Abraham told one of his servants that his son is to stay in Canaan but that his wife is to be from Abraham's native land. We all have heard this story many times. The thing that I want to take note of is that God sent and angel ahead of his servant (Gen 24:7b). When we go on to read what happened in his native land there is no mention of the angel doing anything there. Many times angels will appear to people but this is not one of them. Yet Rebekah was ready and prepared for the time on a spiritual and emotional level. Sometimes we don't think or see that God's working. We don't know when His angels are near or far guiding us. It's a hidden realm that aides our journey.

You have Abraham's death and the birth of Jacob and Esau. Nothing really jumped at me when I read these. I have read them many times.

See you tomorrow,