Thursday, November 5, 2009

Genesis Chapters 19-21

There was a lot in these passages but writing them is hard to do. I don't know why but today I find it difficult to write. Maybe it's because I've had a migraine all day and it is now almost 6 at night. A little out of routine.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in Chapter 19. Remember previously that God made a deal with Abraham to spare the city if He could find 10 righteous men. Well when God sent the angels to Sodom and Gomorrah they were attacked by the men of the city. At Lot's doorstep they wanted to rape them. That is just insane. Lot offered them his two daughters and the men insisted on the two men that was staying with Lot. That's just insane and pure wickedness. God saw that. The judgment was done, their second chance lost.

Lots wife looked back when they left. She had a second thought and yearned for what was of old. This caused her to be turned to a pillar of salt. It entrapped her to a place stuck in between two worlds; God's and sin's. Ever look back to days of lust or times of going with the crowd other than God's will? Ever wonder what it would have been like to embrace them? In essence this is what Lot's wife did. It gets you stuck in situations rather than living the fulfilment of God.

Lot's daughters, which may be the same ones that he offered up to the mob of men, found themselves wondering if they would be able to keep the bloodline going. So they got Lot extremely drunk and got pregnant by him. The sons did still make nations even though how they were brought about, incest. Just craziness.

Though I did read through more I'm finding my focus drifting and unable to continue. May God bring revelations tomorrow and some much needed focus.